October 2017

Here is the October 2017 overview of some of CEDIK’s efforts towards the Downtown Revitalization in the Kentucky Promise Zone project!

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How do you learn what people think of a space or place in your downtown?
Put up a chalkboard at a public event, of course!

Whitesburg, Kentucky – like all downtowns – has an underutilized alleyway off their main square. We brainstormed how we could help activate this inactive space using our collective arts, design and planning skills to create a safe and welcoming public place (with a minimal budget, of course).

Learn how we constructed our chalkboard with this handout by Ryan Sandwick, as well as this post on the CEDIK blog about ‘Chalk and Talk’ successes.

Scroll through our Social Media Spotlight to catch a glimpse of what the experience in Whitesburg, Kentucky was like!

Social Media SpotlightOct1Oct2Oct3Oct4

Dispatches from the road. Great evening in Middlesboro, KY meeting with wonderful folks at Discover Downtown Middlesboro. We chatted about the multitude of opportunities for downtown revitalization and ways to increase connections to the region’s existing assets. There is so much to amplify there because so many investments have already been made by lots and lots of folks. What a special place and I cant wait to see where this work goes.



Fun day in Whitesburg KY for Oktoberfest 2017. CEDIK was there to set up a temporary chalkboard installation and engage the crowd – taking the “Chalk and Talk” from the classroom to the crosswalk. We learned a lot for next time, met some wonderful folks and had a great time chalking and talking it up with passersby all day. Looking forward to the next opportunity to use the chalkboards in a community near you!


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